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Curri Commercial is not just about the transaction. Our sales team recognizes each transaction is greatly important to each client. Our goal is to maximize value as quickly as possible while also minimizing the challenges and stress associated with each sale. Our goal is to put together a great offering memorandum, expose the property to the entire investor and brokerage community, negotiate offers strategically on our client’s behalf, and then professionally manage the due diligence, escrow, and closing process.


Whether finding your first commercial space or renegotiating a long-term lease, we make this process easier by providing education and advice based on our in-depth commercial real estate consulting knowledge and years of experience.

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Looking to buy or sell a business? Curri Commercial team members can assist you in selling your gas station, liquor store, restaurant, or similar retail business. We will work with you to value your business, market your business, and guide you through the sales process.


Commercial Services

Why You Should Use Curri Commercial Consulting?

Curri Commercial is widely recognized as one of Florida’s leading Real Estate Consultants with more than 50 years of combined experience in residential and commercial. Curri Commercial Consulting provides insightful Real Estate Analysis to leading investors, financial institutions, and legal and accounting firms, as well as builders, developers, and property owners. We deliver strategic advice to help clients maximize opportunities, and specific recommendations to turn real estate market analysis into action.

Market Knowledge

Curri Commercial is known for our deep knowledge of the residential development sector, we advise clients on single- and multifamily condominium and rental developments in urban and suburban settings throughout the country. Our wealth of market knowledge extends to the commercial sector, as well, including retail, office (rental and condominium), golf course, restaurants and resort development, as well as complex mixed-use projects with varied components.

Consumer Knowledge

Builders, developers, and their investors must sell and rent their real estate products to people, not statistics. No consulting firm understands consumer desires and trends better than us.  Our goal is to provide clients with market intelligence that results in a development program superior to the competition in every way.

Advisory Services

Curri Commercial knows that the bigger the firm, the greater the need for objective analysis and advice.  Our highly experienced professionals handle all aspects of an assignment providing expert advice throughout the engagement.

Product Knowledge

For developments to succeed, market and consumer knowledge must be translated into specific product recommendations. Curri Commercial knows how to distinguish a client’s product from the competition and improve the return on investment (ROI) through faster absorption, higher occupancy, better rental rates/pricing, lower turnover and greater resistance to market downturns. In today’s demanding consumer market, having the right mix of units, sizes and amenities is just the start. We provide input on layouts, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, closets/storage, baths and kitchen features and arrangements, amenities, parking and the marketing plan – a true added value for our clients.

Litigation Support/Expert Witness

From strategic counseling to experienced expert witnesses, Curri Commercial provides effective litigation support for law firms and their clients.  For instance, we can provide real estate performance evaluations based on detailed market research and forecasts. We also work with appraisers and other experts on providing backup research and analysis to support their efforts and to challenge opposing experts.

Market Entry Knowledge

When businesses seek to enter new markets, Curri Commercial provides in-depth advice on geographic expansion or product diversification opportunities. We have helped companies of all sizes, including retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, builders, developers and investors identify promising locations for their operations. 

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